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Committee Information

Governing Body Committee Structure and Remit Information


For more detailed information about each committee a full 'Constitution & Terms of Reference is available.


Full Governing Body

Chair: Harriet O’Connor

Members: All Governors


Remit of Committee:

The Governing Body exists to provide an independent oversight of the management and operation of the school, with the aim of improving the quality of education provided and raising standards. See the Governors Terms of Reference for full information. 





Finance and Premises Committee

Chair: Joe Foulds

Other members: Anita Saville, Despo Doel (School Business Manager), Ben Fullbrook, Harriet O’Connor, Chris Fox, Daniel White


Remit of Committee:

The provision of guidance and assistance to the Head and Governors in all matters relating to budgeting and finance, and to clearly define financial responsibilities.

Ensuring that the school maintains compliance with the DfE School's Financial Value Standard (SFVS).




Teaching, Learning and Safeguarding Committee

Chair: Harriet O'Connor

Other members: Libby Wright, Chris Fox, Laurie Power, Martin Chitty, Chelsea Pompadur


Remit of Committee:

It is the intention of the committee to:

Promote and ensure high quality of teaching for all children.

Assist the Governing Body with its understanding of Early Years Foundation Stage and National Curriculum, current trends and needs and development within each curriculum area.

Work with the Headteacher and staff to monitor and evaluate curriculum provision and standards of attainment throughout the school.

Work with the Headteacher and staff to raise standards in the school.

Ensure that safeguarding is embedded into all aspects of school life at Joseph Hood.  To monitor and review safeguarding practice within the school. To keep up to date with changing legislation in the areas of safeguarding and child protection.





Pay and Personnel Committee

Chair: Gemma Anderson 

Other members: Harriet O’Connor, Chris Fox,

Remit of Committee:

To review the operation of the overall performance management policy in the school and provide an annual report to the Governing Body on the effectiveness of the performance management processes and procedures in relation to all members of staff.

To determine a performance review process for the Headteacher.

To work with the School Improvement Partner and take responsibility for the performance review process for the Headteacher.

To recommend to the Governing Body and keep under review a Salary Policy to be used as the basis for the annual review of staff.



Investigating Sub Committee 

(Can act as the Appeals Committee if the appeal relates to teachers' pay) 

Chair to be elected at the time that such a committee becomes necessary

Members: Gemma Anderson, Ben Fullbrook, Martin Chitty, Daniel White 

Remit of Committee:

Establish what has happened so far, and who has been involved.

To clarify the nature of the complaint and what remains unresolved.

To dismiss the concern in whole or in part.

To uphold the complaint in whole or in part.

To decide on the appropriate action to be taken to resolve the complaint.

To recommend changes to the school's systems or procedures to ensure that problems of a similar nature do not recur.




Appeals Sub Committee

(except for teachers' pay appeals)

Chair to be elected at the time that such a committee becomes necessary

Members: Harriet O’Connor, Joe Foulds, Chris Fox, Chelsea Pompadur 

Remit of Committee:

To hear any staffing appeals, including:

Appeals under disciplinary, capability, redundancy, early retirement or grievance procedures.

Appeals against pay decisions, in accordance with the school's Pay Policy.

Appeals under performance management procedures, including any appeal from the Head Teacher (Performance management appeals are dealt with under the grievance procedure).

To hear appeals arising from complaints.