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For the Spring Term we have new wall displays in our corridors! The children have work really hard on their topics!

TIMES TABLES ROCKSTARS BATTLE: This week 9th to 1th October, KS2 competed in a Timestable Rockstar Battle. The battle was against the school houses and the winning house won the inflatable guitar, which is attached to their house colour on the wall! 

Circle - 95 points, District - 138 points, Piccadilly - 157 points, Central - 198 points

Top scorers in this battle: Ekaterina (Y4), Josh (Y3) and Kieran (Y4) Well done!

OUR WALL DISPLAYS: For the Autumn Term we have all been focused on a painting named 'Surprised' by Henri Rousseau. We have written about what the picture might be telling us and invented stories around the painting.  We have also worked hard to make some stunning wall displays outside our classrooms.  Here are a few of them from Early Years and Key Stage One.  The actual Painting can be seen in Room 41 at the National Gallery.