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Children in Years 3 & 4 can attend a residential activity camp at Sayers Croft, and our Year 6 pupils travel to PGL Centres in Weymouth and/or Isle of Wight. Parents are expected to pay towards the cost of these trips but it is school policy that no child will be excluded if their parents are unable to do so.

Here is an account of the most recent residential trip in July 2022 written by a Year 5 child.



Stubbington Study Centre

Day 1: We arrived at school at 8.30 and left at 9.00.

It took roughly an hour and a half to get there. When we got there, we were shown to our dorms. The dorms were spacious and had room to put your clothes. We also had a bedside cabinet to put our small things.

After we had settled in, we did some activities and got a tour of the site. We then had some lunch. The lunches were nice but they could have made more for the people who were at the back of the queue.

Dinner was good. We had lots of different food to choose.

For Supper, we got a biscuit and a milkshake. After supper, we would go to bed. Bedtime was usually at 9.30pm.


Day 2: Today we went to the beach!  We hunted for fossils. We also had a sandcastle building competition. We did some rock pooling too. We were each given a bucket and we could fill the bucket with water and collect creatures that we saw on the beach.


Day 3: Today we went to an activity called ‘Earthquake’. This was where we had to carry lots of equipment over tricky obstacles. We also had a treasure hunt before supper. We also did a mapping course around the Conservation area. We would go off with our partners and found different cards around the Conservation area. This was a fun activity because it meant you could be independent. We went badger watching at 9.00pm. We saw badgers and foxes!

Day 4: We learnt about the different trees and what they needed to survive. We learnt a song about what layers were on trees. We also went off into the conservation area to find some facts about trees.

Day 5: This was our last day. Today we did something called the Stubbington Fox. This was where we had to pretend to be foxes and not get caught by the farmers. Then we had to pack. After we had finished packing, we had lunch. After lunch, we had to leave.


Overall opinion:

I really enjoyed Stubbington. It was great fun and enjoyable!


Written by Pippa. Year 5 2022.