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First Aid and Medicines

Medicines in School
If possible, we request that parents/carers administer dosages outside of the school day e.g. if there are three dosages per day, one first thing, one on return home and one at bedtime.
If medicine must be administered during the school day, parents/carers must complete a form which is available at the school office.
Medicines should always be provided in the original container and be clearly labelled with the owner’s name. The only exception to this is insulin, which will generally be available inside an insulin pen or pump, rather than its original container.
Please ensure that medicines, particularly inhalers, insulin and eczema creams held in school have not passed their expiry date.
All children with long term health problems which require intervention by school staff will have a care plan completed by their parents.
First Aid
The school’s trained first aiders will treat children for minor cuts and bruises and will telephone parents if children are unwell and need to be collected.
In an emergency, or if the school staff feel that an injury may be a serious cause for concern, the school will arrange for the necessary medical assistance (including transfer of a child to hospital by ambulance). At the same time, the school will contact the child’s parents/carers as soon as possible, but obtaining medical assistance will not be delayed pending contact with parents.