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A School Day

Below are overviews of an average school day at Joseph Hood. Class teachers give parents and carers regular updates about all the amazing things that your children will be learning about and exactly what they will be up to each day.


To have a look at what the children are currently learning about, please follow the link below to the Year Group pages. 


Foundation Stage (Nursery and Reception)

Morning Nursery
8.45 Registration/Introduction to the day
9.15 Learning Activities ‐ Inside and Outside
11.25 Lunch
11.45 Home time
Afternoon Nursery
12.15 Lunch

12.35 Registration/Introduction to the day

12.50 Learning Activities ‐ Inside and Outside

3.15 Home time
8.45 - 9.15 Registration/Introduction to the day
9.15 - 11.45 Learning activities ‐ Inside and Outside
11.45 - 12.45 Lunch
12.45 - 3.15 Learning activities ‐ Inside and Outside
3.15 Home time

In Reception, children will be met at their playground gates by their teachers. The gates open at 8.45am and the children may be dropped off between 8.45 and 9am.  


At the end of the school day Reception children are released from their classroom directly to their parents/carers.


Key Stage 1 and 2 ( Year 1 - 6)


The school gates open from 8:45am.


Children in Years 1-2 can be brought up to their class doors by parents in the mornings between 8.45am-9.00 for a “soft start”.


Children in Years 3 -6 walk up the path by themselves (dropped at the gate) and go straight into class between 8.45- 9.00. Members of staff will be on the gate and paths in the morning to welcome and supervise children.


On arrival in class, an initial task awaits the children.  Registers are taken promptly at 9.00am and any children arriving after this time are marked as late. Late arrivals must enter via the office and sign the late register.


Break-times and Lunch time are staggered by Year Group to ensure space and safety for all pupils.


At the end of the day at 3.15pm, ground floor classes release pupils to their parents/carers from their classrooms; first floor teachers escort their classes to the main playground to meet their parents /carers.