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Starting School

We appreciate that starting school is a big step for both you and your child.
At Joseph Hood we aim to make this a happy and positive event, where your child will enjoy a caring, stimulating environment in which to learn. We therefore value a good relationship with you, the parents and carers, as we believe this plays a fundamental part in the settling in process and indeed in the rest of your child’s time in school.
We strongly believe that your child’s education is a partnership between home and school and therefore parents are always welcome to come and see us.




How you can help your child be ready to start school


A large part of early learning is social interaction. You can help by encouraging your child to share, take turns, be polite, listen to others and be helpful with jobs and tasks.

In our experience children who are able to manage simple personal things are less anxious when starting school and tend to settle in more easily. Here are a few things you can do to help your child be ready for school:
To dress and undress themselves-doing up buttons, zips and velcro fasteners on shoes.
To manage changing their shoes and plimsolls.
To know how, and when, to ask to go to the toilet and remember the important routine of washing their hands afterwards.
To tidy equipment and toys away for themselves.
Encourage and praise them because they need to feel successful.
Take time to share a book with them - take them to the library. Talk about what you are reading.

Encourage your child to speak clearly and talk in sentences, wherever possible.



How you can help us
Ensure that all contact information is up to date
Make sure that we are aware of any medical problems
Let us know immediately if your child is absent
Let us know if you have a change in home circumstances - this information will kept confidential
Make sure your child is in school on time every day
Send your child into school in the correct school uniform
Ensure that reading books are returned to school so they can be changed regularly
Make sure that everything is named clearly
Check your child's hair regularly
If there is a change in the person collecting your child, please let us know!